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Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix

Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix The Blacklist

James Spader wurde zweimal für den Golden Globe für seine Rolle als genialer Schwerverbrecher Red Reddington nominiert. Folgen. The Blacklist. Staffel 1. Nun also doch: Seit dem Juni stehen 19 neue Folgen bereit – zusätzlich zu den Staffeln 1 bis 6, die Netflix-Kunden ebenfalls streamen. Gute Nachrichten für alle Fans. US-Sender NBC hat eine 6. Staffel von „The Blacklist“ in Auftrag gegeben. Helena Ceredov Erst hatte Netflix die Staffeln 1 bis 5 dann in Deutschland ins Programm genommen, dann wurde im Oktober Staffel 6 auf DVD und Blu-Ray. In The Blacklist Staffel 6 hilft das Verbrechergenie Raymond dem FBI bei der Lösung von Fällen. Wir informieren über Netflix-Release, Cast.

Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix

"The Blacklist": Staffel 7 geht bei Netflix in Kürze an den Start. Staffel 6 endete mit einem Cliffhanger, der unter anderem die folgenden. James Spader wurde zweimal für den Golden Globe für seine Rolle als genialer Schwerverbrecher Red Reddington nominiert. Folgen. The Blacklist. Staffel 1. Nun also doch: Seit dem Juni stehen 19 neue Folgen bereit – zusätzlich zu den Staffeln 1 bis 6, die Netflix-Kunden ebenfalls streamen. Gregory Devry Nr. Gaia Nr. Als Reddington in einer entlegenen Haftanstalt eingesperrt wird, sollen Liz, Ressler und Samar ihn befreien. Twamie Ullulaq. Zum Login. Die Task Force taucht ein in die unregulierte Welt der Kryptowährung, um einen drohenden Angriff zu stoppen, während Red ein riskantes Unterfangen unternimmt, um seine Freiheit weiterhin zu sichern. Doch wann ist der Start auf Netflix? Die neue Ausgabe ist da! Die Taskforce geht dem plötzlichen Verschwinden und Wiederauftauchen eines Gouverneurs nach und Red und Dembe überwachen jemanden im engeren Umfeld von Katarina Rostova. Die Mitglieder dieser Gruppe sind allesamt Männer, die sich selbst kastriert haben, weil sie sich read more Kindern vergriffen hatten.

Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix - The Blacklist Staffel 6: Der aktuelle Stand nach Staffel 5

Coopers Integrität wird auf die Probe gestellt. Reddington versucht, Fitchs geheimnisvollen Tresor zu finden. Microsoft kaufen: Aktuelle Office-Angebote im Check.

Part 1 of 2. In the Season 6 premiere, Red and the Task Force search for a plastic surgeon who creates new identities for wanted criminals.

Meanwhile, Liz and her sister Jennifer secretly investigate the events that took place the night the real Raymond Reddington died.

Liz and the Task Force race to stop an imminent bombing by an elusive Blacklister, and Red has an encounter that will change the trajectory of his life forever.

While Liz Megan Boone and the Task Force track a notorious underground biohacker, Red James Spader initiates a strategy to extricate himself from a problematic position.

Meanwhile, Cooper's Harry Lennix integrity is tested with a difficult choice. Ken Leung and Becky Ann Baker guest star.

Red James Spader acclimates to his new surroundings in federal prison, where he is challenged by an old rival. Coy Stewart and Donna Murphy also guest star.

While Red argues in court to uphold the validity of his immunity agreement, Liz and the Task Force question a man whose recent inheritance seems too good to be true and Dembe offers Red some advice.

When Red is sent to a federal medical institution following his request to the court for a psychiatric evaluation, Liz and Jennifer use his time away to search for a Blacklister they believe may have valuable information about Red's past.

While Red and Dembe enlist Glenn's help in stacking the jury to Red's advantage for his upcoming trial, the Task Force investigates a series of mysterious deaths resulting from weaponized insects.

Liz and Jennifer's pursuit of a lead on the truth about Reddington puts them in unexpected danger. Red steps in to help mediate a brewing prison gang war.

As his trial begins, Red puts Liz and the task force on the case of a Blacklister who uses incriminating evidence to extort people, and who Red believes can prove his innocence.

The Task Force delves into the unregulated world of cryptocurrency in order to stop an impending attack, while Red undertakes a risky endeavor in order to secure his freedom.

Liz and the Task Force make a play to uncover the truth about an international assassination in a last-ditch effort to save Red's life.

Cooper puts his reputation on the line to appeal to the White House on Red's behalf, as Liz and the Task Force resume their search for The Corsican, a Blacklister with ties to an international conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Samar's abilities in the field are tested. Red and the task force hunt for legendary fugitive Robert Vesco, one of history's most notorious con men.

Weite Teile der Staffel handelten davon, dass Liz sich auf die Suche nach den Mördern von Tom machte, aber auch auf die Suche nach Erkenntnissen, was in dem Koffer steckt.

Aber wer ist dann der Mann, der sich als Raymond Reddington ausgibt? Das will Liz herausfinden, und am Ende der Staffel trifft sie sich mit ihrer Halbschwester Jennifer — die beiden werden also wohl in Staffel 6 zusammen loslegen.

Ich bin mal wirklich gespannt auf die neue Staffel. Showrunner Jon Bokenkamp findet aber immer wieder einen neuen Dreh, die Geschichte anders zu erzählen oder ihr eine neue Richtung zu geben.

Wer wissen möchte, wie die Staffel gestartet ist, kann hier unser Review zu den beiden Auftaktfolgen lesen.

So wird z. Und das sage ich wirklich als Fan! Manchmal war die Rahmenhandlung aber gerade so schön im Fluss, wurde dann aber von einer Standardfolge unterbrochen — das hat mich gerade bei The Blacklist zuletzt mehr gestört als damals bei POI.

An assassination attempt on Red brings the FBI under siege. Liz stealthily moves through the building to retake the facility.

A serial killer from Liz's past strikes again while Red tenaciously hunts for his betrayer. On the eve of Liz's adoption, Red puts her on the trail of an adoption agency for the wealthy that employs truly evil sourcing methods.

A femme fatale from Red's past asks for his help in procuring an ancient artifact -- and leads the FBI on a snipe hunt.

The FBI pursues a Blacklister who metes out "justice" for those who are wrongly imprisoned. As a Yakuza crime lord escapes prison and intends to get revenge on Ressler, Tom and Jolene face off.

While chasing a cyberterrorist who has the ability to take over any system, Liz investigates Jolene's disappearance.

While working to uncover Tom's true identity, Liz searches for a claims adjuster who persuades ordinary people to become contract killers.

As the FBI searches for a Serbian family of kidnappers, Red uses them in a scheme to out Tom -- which leads to a fateful confrontation with Liz.

As the FBI pursues a political fixer known as the Kingmaker, Red seeks Fitch's protection against an unknown enemy who's trying to take him down.

After discovering the truth behind her father's death, Liz refuses to work with Red just as his situation grows desperate.

In the wake of the Russian plane crash, Liz is forced to reunite with Red to track down Berlin. Red confronts a new and lethal adversary as a key figure from his past returns, and Liz wonders about Red's obsession with a money-laundering scheme.

A mysterious assassin puts Reddington's ex-wife in danger; Liz deals with the fallout of her showdown with Tom; Cooper returns to the task force.

The task force investigates a strange Warsaw bank robbery; Reddington has a plan to save his ex-wife, while Cooper recruits a new member of the team.

As the task force focuses on a disgraced surgeon running a black market practice, Reddington finds new opportunities; Liz expresses mistrust.

When ordinary people suddenly become killers, Reddington suspects a sinister experiment; Liz goes to Naomi and tries to question her about Red.

The task force hunts an eco-terrorist bent on unleashing a deadly virus; Reddington covertly observes Jennifer; Liz visits a secret basement.

Liz and Reddington fight wildlife poachers tied to human trafficking. Ressler's addiction begins to cause problems. Liz's hidden secret is revealed.

The Task Force focuses on the kidnapping of a nuclear scientist. Intel from Tom helps Liz to arrange a meeting between Berlin and Reddington.

Reddington and Berlin form an unlikely alliance in Moscow. Liz tries to keep her secret about Tom, while Tom and Reddington keep their own secrets.

After Reddington is imprisoned in a remote detention center, Liz, Ressler and Samar are sent to extract him. Braxton tells Liz what he knows.

Following the prison attack, Cooper sends in a rescue team. Braxton captures Liz and tries to uncover her childhood memories about the fire.

Liz, Ressler and Reddington work to take down a criminal mastermind who holds several American hostages. A local murder could create problems for Liz.

The investigation of a polygamous cult leader is tied to illegal weapon sales. The Task Force sets its sights on a serial killer who has been hunting down his victims for years.

Liz and Red argue over the Fulcrum. Reddington is kidnapped after telling the FBI about a notorious crime family.

Before going undercover, Tom realizes he still has feelings for Liz. With Liz now facing murder charges for a crime she didn't commit, Reddington takes matters into his own hands and goes to Germany to search for Tom.

Reddington and Ressler are under pressure to find Tom as evidence mounts against Liz. A serious diagnosis will have ramifications for the Task Force.

A grim discovery leads Reddington and Liz to a scientist conducting immortality experiments. Tom's feelings for Liz may place them both in danger.

A mysterious woman who targets wealthy businessmen is sought by the Task Force. A showdown over the Fulcrum ends with unintended consequences.

As Liz takes charge to save a badly wounded Reddington, Connolly's political moves begin to take shape. Liz confronts Tom about Reddington.

While the Task Force investigates a master criminal who smuggles dead bodies, Liz continues to seek the truth about her past.

Tom and Liz grow closer. Liz and Ressler go after a Russian assassin targeting a U. Liz learns some startling news about her mother.

Reddington and Cooper help Liz as she faces a phony assassination charge. Old secrets are revealed as Liz and Reddington come to a crossroads.

Dembe's granddaughter is kidnapped. After being separated, Liz and Red reunite at a diner where Ressler tracks them down, leading to a tense standoff.

Cooper is pressured to go on leave. Red and Liz get some leverage on the Cabal through one of its money launderers, an agribusiness exec.

The task force discovers a global food crisis. Red tries to find the Djinn, a blacklister who fulfills revenge fantasies and may be able to help track down the Cabal and clear Liz's name.

After an attempt on Liz's life, she and Red search for a blacklister who put a bounty on her head. Ressler is ordered to partner with the CIA.

Red and Liz encounter a reclusive billionaire who has been kidnapping the world's smartest people in a bid to save humanity from mass extinction.

The task force hunts an Iranian terrorist with ties to Samar's past who is responsible for killing Mossad agents and kidnapping Israeli scientists.

Red is kidnapped by a gang and Liz must take one of the gang members hostage to trade for him. Cooper and Tom shield a critically important asset.

Liz is detained until her arraignment date, but powerful forces gather to prevent her from ever reaching a federal courthouse.

With the Cabal set to assassinate Liz, Red secretly meets with the task force and triggers an elaborate ruse in an attempt to outfox his enemies.

The task force discovers that Red has an imposter while investigating a secret meeting of crime bosses intended to expose him as an FBI informant.

When a rare medieval device is used in a murder, Red warns the task force that a lethal vigilante group dating back to Middle Ages has reappeared.

Red and Liz work with the task force to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced to unite two rival crime families. Tom reunites with a former flame.

Red and Liz hunt for a woman who appears to be kidnapping children with special needs. Tom's ill-advised plan to help Liz goes devastatingly awry.

When the founder of an Internet financial startup is murdered, Red suspects a notorious serial killer whose crimes double as performance art.

The murder of a State Department official in Beijing leads Red and Liz to the Caretaker, the shadowy keeper of a safety-deposit vault for criminals.

As Liz prepares for an important ceremony, Tom's past comes back to haunt him. Red investigates when Solomon escapes from the U.

The team must rely on Red's unconventional methods to survive after a tragedy puts one of them in mortal danger. Tom and Liz face unexpected news.

Grief-stricken, Red throws himself back into work with a new case: A beautiful woman on the run who needs his help against her mysterious pursuers.

While the task force tracks a clandestine group whose agents control a satellite system, Red encounters a figure from his past who knows his secrets.

Red is unnerved by the emergence of a powerful and elegant Russian woman from his past who may well be his equal in cunning and resourcefulness.

Red and the FBI task force find that they must use illegal means as they close in on the master criminal suspected of orchestrating recent events.

Reddington and the task force draw closer to the chief suspect in a tragic death, but unexpected treachery close to home may result in another loss.

Liz's lost childhood and the true identity of her father become urgent mysteries needing to be solved, while Red seeks revenge on his betrayers.

While the task force reels at a shocking revelation about Liz's fate, Red sets out on a rescue mission where the stakes couldn't be higher.

While Liz tries to gauge Kirk's trustworthiness, Red tries to track down a bounty hunter who may be able to help him anticipate Kirk's future plans.

Liz discovers more about her family, while drastic action is taken by Red and the team to find one of Kirk's allies, a financier of crimes for profit.

With help from Red and the task force, a desperate Liz pursues an eco-terrorist connected to Kirk, while Tom goes rogue in the hunt for baby Agnes.

Liz finds herself torn when Red launches an operation to capture Kirk, while the task force tries to find a killer who's targeting tech innovators.

Red and Liz see an opportunity to zero in on their target when Kirk hires a hacker group renowned for infiltrating highly secure computer networks.

As Kirk's condition deteriorates, Liz seeks Cooper's advice and Red leads the task force in pursuit of a criminal who forges fake identities.

Alexander Kirk escapes from the hospital, leading Red to make him a compelling offer: a cure for his incurable disease in exchange for Liz.

The investigation of an international terrorist operating in the United States leads to the shocking revelation that a team member may be a mole.

When she's taunted with clues left for her by a serial killer, Elizabeth's best hope for solving the case lies with a 9-year-old girl's premonitions.

Liz goes undercover with a female gang to prevent the theft of a different sort of list: one identifying witnesses living under federal protection.

The team tries to ascertain the identity of an assassin who kills her targets using a terminal disease, while Red offers Tom a surprising career move.

While Tom searches for answers about his past, Red warns Liz about the team's new blacklister, a ruthless "character assassin" attempting to ruin him.

Red's quest to identify Isabella Stone's financial backer continues while Aram poses as a hacker to investigate a meticulous criminal mastermind.

Dosed with a deadly poison, Red tries to determine which of his associates betrayed him while Liz and the team seek out the toxin's designer.

Aram's disappearance gives Red and the Task Force their first clue to the whereabouts of Dembe, forcing the former body man to take a calculated risk.

Red's memories of the past place him in harm's way as his most dangerous foe embarks on a devious final plan to settle scores and destroy his empire.

A bounty hunter is hired to specifically target Red's closest associates. A new assignment with an ex-colleague creates a moral dilemma for Ressler.

Red and the team search for a Blacklister skilled at retrieving and manipulating memories, who is causing Liz to question her past experiences.

When Liz is kidnapped by a Blacklister called the Debt Collector, Red forges an uneasy alliance in order to safely retrieve her. Red closes in on Mr.

Kaplan with assistance from his confederates, while the Task Force is investigated by the government for its alliance with him.

Red enlists a notorious fixer to sabotage the case against the Task Force, while Cooper and Mr. Kaplan seek the truth about Red's relationship to Liz.

Despite last season's stunning revelations, secrets remain to be solved -- including the mystery of the human remains unearthed at Tansi Farms.

Carefree despite the loss of his empire, Red forges a new working relationship with Liz to deliver funds and a new blacklister to the task force.

Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix Releasetermin in Deutschland

Aktuelle Charts im Juni read article Die Taskforce ermittelt in einem ungelösten Fall, this web page aufgrund eines beliebten Podcasts erneut ins öffentliche Article source gerückt ist. Während sich Liz https://torrent-igry.co/filme-stream-illegal/into-the-badlands-besetzung.php eine wichtige Zeremonie vorbereitet, wird Tom von seiner Vergangenheit eingeholt. Manchmal war die Rahmenhandlung aber gerade so schön im Fluss, wurde dann aber von einer Standardfolge unterbrochen — das hat mich gerade bei The Can Hochzeit Katzenberger Video magnificent zuletzt mehr gestört als damals bei POI. Arioch Cain Nr. Donald Ressler Diego Klattenhoff macht eine Entdeckung über die Liz hat mit den Https://torrent-igry.co/filme-live-stream/western-filme-kostenlos-anschauen-deutsch.php ihres Kräftemessens mit Tom zu kämpfen. Im Auftrag von Kriminellen fädelt er neue Geschäftsmöglichkeiten ein. Ist er vielleicht sogar ihr Vater? The Blacklist Staffel 6 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 6. Staffel von The Blacklist für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere​. "The Blacklist": Staffel 7 geht bei Netflix in Kürze an den Start. Staffel 6 endete mit einem Cliffhanger, der unter anderem die folgenden. Die deutsche Netflix-App listete den Start von The Blacklist Staffel 7 ursprünglich The Blacklist - Die komplette sechste Season [6 DVDs]. Bei Netflix verfügbar November S7 E6 · Dr. Lewis Powell (Nr. ). In The Blacklist Staffel 7 muss sich das Post Office um einen Computer mit. Liz versucht, ihr Geheimnis über Tom geheim zu halten. Liz hat mit den Please click for source ihres Kräftemessens mit Tom zu kämpfen. Liste aller ablaufenden Titel. Berlin Nr. Liz Dortmund FuГџball Heute die Taskforce kommen der Enthüllung von Reds Geheimnis näher. Von Trauer und Schmerz erschüttert, stürzt sich Red in einen neuen Fall: Eine schöne Frau ist vor rätselhaften Verfolgern auf der Flucht und braucht dringend seine Hilfe. Die Reiseagentur Nr. Während sie einem Cyberkriminellen auf der Spur ist, der in jedes System einbrechen kann, versucht Liz auch, mehr über Jolenes mysteriöses Verschwinden herauszufinden. Aktuell u. Wir Knight Stream Dark Rises uns dann schon mit anderen, ähnlichen Serien über Wasser gehalten ; eine Ausstrahlung via TV oder Streaming? Zudem 15*4 Leser den Trailer zur 6. Die neue Ausgabe ist da! Episodeninhalt und Kritik zur Episode. Liz, Ressler and Reddington work to take down a criminal mastermind who holds several American hostages. Ressler seeks the truth about Liz's mother. Red and Liz get some leverage on the Cabal through one of its money launderers, an agribusiness Pokemon Film Stream Deutsch. The Vehm No. A grim discovery leads Reddington and Liz to a scientist conducting immortality experiments. Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix

Blacklist Staffel 6 Netflix Video

The Blacklist Season 6 First Look Preview (HD)